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Integration activities and leisure activities in Bălţi, Moldova

In the Republic of Moldova, Ancora is cooperating with parents’ association Provita, an association for parents of children with a disability or chronic disease in Bălţi. Since 2008, the Ancora Salvării Foundation is involved in:

  • Activities supporting integration and leisure, which are held almost weekly in the home of the Foundation in Bălţi or in the city’s library. Children and adolescents participate in various activities, e.g. sports, games, painting, and crafts.
  • Activities supporting children and adolescents with various forms of cerebral palsy or other forms of motor disorders. Activities include education and therapy, or, to be more precise, home visits or visits at institutions, providing orthopaedic materials, and courses for specialists working at the daycentres and in the hospital of Bălţi. Dutch specialists visit the Foundation regularly to share their ideas and experiences, to give courses, and to participate in our activities.
  • Organising courses and conferences on care for persons with disabilities.
  • Providing sanitary and orthopaedic materials.

Since 2010, as collaborator in a project called “Education for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder” we’ve supported the develop and expand of education for children with ASD in Moldova by founding two classes for students with Autism in the school no. 6 Chișinău (a school for special education).

On 9th of July there was founded in Moldova a branche of the Romanian foundation "Ancora Salvării", so our work there can develop independently.

From then we have had 3 different projects, financed by the Dutch Embassy from Bucharest in the Human Rigths program, about intervention on persons with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and inclusive education. Also in these projects we organised events to inform the society about integration of persons with dizabilities. 

In 2018 we bougth a house, next to the kamp Vifania, in village Sadovoe, near to the city Bălți and starting the renovation of it helped by volunteers form the UK, send by organisation Mission Direct in the summer of 2019. In this new social center we want to evaluate, inform and advice people with special needs, involving also their families and other caretakers, thereby we will, if possible, donate necessary adapted devices to increase an independent life.